A film about a trip

It’s not easy for me to express how much I’ve learned on my trips to Santiago.

The first time I’ve walked the Camino the experience was something I was totally unprepared for. Ever since then, all of the times have been different, but as enriching as the first. I’ve walked the Camino once with two close friends, once by myself, and once with my mother.

Now, at last, with in equal parts shame and longing, I can share the short film I’ve made about that one time I started it alone.

You’ll realize I’m not much of a pilgrim. Let’s just say I’m not made of strong materials. Having said that, the friendship and heart of the pilgrims I was lucky to have shared the road with made it all worth it.

This short is dedicated to my friends from the Camino. I hope you like it. And thank you. Thank you very much.

— gui

My trip to Santiago

Directed and edited by Guilherme Mesquita | Original Soundtrack by João Mesquita | Guitar by Alexandre Nobre | Piano and organ by João Mesquita | Sound editing by Luís Silveira| 2019

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5 responses to “A film about a trip”

  1. Such a beautiful film. It was so relaxing to watch


  2. Thank you for sharing your film. It is clear the Camino was an important journey for you. My wife and I did not record video, but her photographs tell our story…if you would like, you can see her short slide show in my website: regspittle.com
    What is next for you? Another trek?


    1. Thank you! I saw your Camino slideshow and your Scottish too! Beautiful photos! I’m really not sure where I will go next. I’d love to do the Camino again 🙂 And you? What’s your next trek?


  3. […] fourteenth of may was the fifth anniversary of my arrival to Santiago de Compostela after a month-long trip. With each passing year, an increasingly more distant version of me managed to do it, and the […]


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